Celebrity parents on the “wacky baccy”

Photo via facebook commons

Lost Without U singer and celebrity dad, Robin Thicke, recently made the news, after being caught by the New York police department, smoking marijuana in his Cadillac Escalade.

The multitalented father-of-one was charged with drug possession after being spotted kicked back in his car enjoying some green.

Thicke was completely cooperative with the police and was seen taking pictures with them and signing autographs. His publicist has no comment on the matter.

What is called into question is whether or not our culture’s infatuation with celebrity royalty has led us to overlook their faults, or whether a new, more liberal, understanding of recreational cannabis use has permeated our collective psyche.

Sir Paul McCartney, beloved Beatle and father-of five was introduced to “wacky baccy” by the one and only, Bob Dylan. The introduction resulted in almost a lifelong love affair.

Throughout the rearing of his four children with Linda McCartney, Paul participated in marijuana usage. By the time McCartney and his second wife, Heather Mills, had daughter Beatrice, on the other hand, Paul had developed what he referred to as a “sense of responsibility”.

“I did a lot, and it was enough,” McCartney said of his dope indulgence. “I smoked my share. When you’re bringing up a youngster, your sense of responsibility does kick in, if you’re lucky, at some point.”

McCartney has never explained why he didn’t kick the habit while raising his first four children.

Other (in)famous celebrity marijuana (past and present) users include Joe Rogan, Woody Harrelson, Joan Rivers, Brad Pitt, and Mark Walberg.

Paternal father of two and step dad to one, Joe Rogan, has actively sought marijuana reform and encouraged and lobbied for its legalization. Participating in such documentary films and programs as The Union: The Business of Getting High, Marijuana: A Chronic History, and he even presented the documentary film, DMT: The Spirit Module.  

Rogan takes the up the issue of marijuana in his standup routines: “Cigarettes kill over 400,000 people a year in this country alone. Alcohol kills over 75,000. 150 people die all over the world each year because coconuts fall on their f—n heads. Marijuana? 0. That’s 0 – EVER! ”

Whatever your opinion may be on marijuana, its prevalence among celebrities, glorified in our culture, is an unavoidable fact. Those that use it seem to do so openly—is this a true change in paradigm or a celebrity cultural phenomenon?



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