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Autistic, down syndrome teen dies falling down garbage chute

Chicago highrise where disabled boy died after falling into trash chute. Photo via Google Maps.

A 17-year-old teenager living in a luxury high rise building in Chicago, Ill., has died after falling 47 stories down a garbage chute. The disabled teen suffered from both Autism and Down Syndrome. His parents reportedly called police after hearing their house alarm go off, alerting them that a door was open. According to the police report, the parents looked for the boy but could not find him. Police arrived to find the disabled teen in the garbage compactor, face down, where medics pronounced him dead. The family’s apartment is only one below the penthouse.

According to NBC News Chicago, the boy was apparently doing chores and throwing out trash when he likely slipped and fell into the garbage chute, but investigators aren’t sure how exactly it happened and from what floor the boy fell. Police are calling the incident an accident.