The next generation of geniuses visit the White House

The next Einstein may have visited the White House recently. Via Google Images.

Just when you were beginning to wonder if there was hope for our future, along come some kids who are clearly trying to be part of the solution. Some of the smartest kids in the country were invited to the White House to show off their inventions recently. The “”science fair” of sorts was set up in the White House’s East Room, a space normally reserved for State Dinners and press conferences.

Among the young geniuses was Taylor Wilson, 17, who says when he was 14 years old, he created a nuclear fusion reactor. His latest invention could prove to be instrumental in the war on terror. He has created a device to detect Uranium-235, weapons grade Plutonium and highly enriched Uranium using water.

Benjamin Hylak, 14,  designed an interactive robot which allows him to Skype with his grandmother. The helpful robot also helps her to find her pills and pours her a glass of water. Are you concerned about the recent outbreaks of deadly bacteria in food? Well, 11-year-old Isis Thompson and 12-year-old Ma’Kese Wesley were. They heard about the deadly bacteria found on cantaloupes last year and developed a lunch box with a UV light that makes fruits and vegetables safe to eat. The next time the headlines start to make you feel depressed, just remember–the future is in good hands.