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Toddler killed: 50-inch television lands on his head

Pictured above is the 50-inch television that fell on 1-year-old Sean Brown, killing him. Screen shot via CBS Local Chicago.

A 17-month-old toddler living on Chicago’s south side died yesterday after a 50″ television fell on him, hitting him on the head. The young victim, Sean Brown, was reportedly playing in his family’s family room when he brushed by the large box TV. Pictures of the television showed blood on the corner of the set where the toddlers head had been hit. A family member reportedly rushed the tot to a nearby hospital, forgoing the time it would have taken to get an ambulance, where Brown was air-lifted to Children’s Memorial and pronounced dead.

Neighbors and footage of the fallen television reveal a very narrow stand in which it was originally perched, causing the television to over-hang the stand significantly. CBS Chicago News interviewed one neighbor, Lolita Moore, who said the television set was sitting precariously on a narrow stand. She said the situation wasn’t safe for children.

This is the fourth child death by a falling television in the Chicagoland area over the last six months. Child proofing experts say that safety straps for both old box televisions and new flat-screens are an easy and inexpensive way to prevent such tragedies.