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The first model with an hourglass figure

While the average model measures between 24-28 inches around the waist, a Romanian model is creating some “narrow” competition.

Iona Spangenberg. Screen shot via You Tube.

Iona Spangenberg has a waist girth of 50 cms, or just about 20 inches. Aged 30  and weighing 38kg, Spangenberg has  a surreal ‘hour-glass’ figure.

Iona says she spent a prime time of her teenage snacking on Mars bars and potato chips, as “in Romania it is better to be overweight, because that means you are from a wealthy family”. Iona says her diet is “normal”; she just has a “small stomach”. “It’s a bit like having a natural gastric band – if I eat too much, I feel sick.”

“No one seems to believe it, but every day I eat three big meals and I snack on chocolate and crisps all the time”.

Iona weighed almost seven pounds at birth, but there were changes in her body as she entered teenage.

Iona says her husband Jan was the first person who saw beauty in her, and encouraged her to “celebrate” her body.  “He asked me to pose in some photos for him”.

“I’m finally comfortable in my own skin”.