SwaddleDesigns launches Angry Bird baby clothing line

SwaddleDesigns Angry Bird baby clothing launches. Photo via SwaddleDesigns website.

Parents who are fans of the popular game “Angry Birds” have something to get excited about! SwaddleDesigns, a Seattle based company run by husband and wife team, Jeff and Lynette Damir are debuting their Angry Birds baby clothes this month. SwaddleDesigns was the first to grab the popular games very first “baby-product license” last year. Damir had approached Rovio, the Angry Birds game creator based in Sweden, in late 2010 at the suggestion of his ten year old daughter. After sending along samples of their products, they landed the deal with Rovio.

While Rovio gets dozens of pitches for Angry Birds products daily, Ville Heijari, vice president of franchise development for Rovio says that “SwaddleDesigns showed us some really good quality products over other candidates.”. The Damir’s have seen quite a large response from retailers, saying that “The enthusiasm from retailers has been tremendous.”

SwaddleDesigns has been around since 2002, is a family run business, and it employs just 20 workers. Damir says that their annual revenue is already in the “high million-dollar range”, but could possibly double this year with their new Angry Birds line of products.

The Angry Birds game is wildly popular, being downloaded over a half-billion times since its launch in 2009.

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