Mother arrested after hitting 5-year-old girl on school bus

Dominique Hans was arrested after allegedly bullying 5-year-old. Mug shot via Salem, MA Police Dept.

A five year-old girl from Salem, Massachusetts was attacked today on a school bus by a fellow classmate’s mother. Dominique Hans, 36, also of Salem claimed that her son told her he was hit by a fellow classmate the day before. That is when Hans reportedly got into the school bus and made her way to the back and refused requests to get off of the bus. She asked her son to identify the person who had struck him, and once he did, Hans began to hit the 5 year-old.

The girl was believed to be unharmed, but seemed visibly shaken and quite frightened. Hans also yelled at the girl, telling her “never to hit her son again.” Hans had claimed that she spoke with the school principal about her son getting hit the day before, but was not satisfied. It seemed she decided to deal with the matter herself by allegedly scaring and harassing the girl.

When Hans boarded the bus, she seemed “crazed and determined” according to the bus driver. Police arrived at the scene at around 7:20 AM. Hours later, Hans was arrested at her workplace. A phone call to Han’s residence was unsuccessful, with a woman saying she wasn’t there, and then hanging up.