17-year-old on McNugget diet rushed to hospital

17-year-old Stacey Irvine has eaten just chicken nuggets since the age of 2. Photo via UK Mail.

The UK Mail is reporting that 17-year-old Stacey Irvine was recently rushed to the hospital for breathing problems. Doctors diagnosed her with massive vitamin deficiencies (anemia) and an inflamed tongue. They were shocked when Stacey reported that she has eaten little else besides chicken nuggets since the age of two. McDonald’s are her favorite, but she also eats other fast food varieties and store bought nuggets. They only other food she eats with regularity is french fries.

Stacey’s mom said she has tried everything over the years to get her daughter to eat more nutritious foods. She said she even let Stacey go hungry once but still could not get her to eat anything else. Stacey has two younger siblings who both eat healthy diets.

Doctors treated Stacey with vitamin injections for the anemia. After her release from the hospital Stacey admitted that she is starting to realize that this diet is very bad for her. Despite her admission she is not sure she will be able to change her habits and give up the fast food.