Woman hacks off ex-lover's head

Tired of repeated sexual assaults from her ex-lover, a married woman from Amoga village in India chopped off his head with an axe, then  walked to a nearby Shiva temple, holding the severed head in her hand. Before she entered the temple, people thronging the premises of the temple stopped her,

Photo courtesy: Google Images

called the police and handed her over.

Three years ago, the woman’s husband was jailed for theft, leaving her to fend for herself and the children. The woman left the village – Amargarh – and came to live with her mother in Amoga.

Additional superintendent of police (rural), Jabalpur, Tusharkanth Vidyarthi says the woman was being sexually harassed by the man, Shyamlal Yadav, for the past three years. “He would barge into her house or sexually abuse her whenever she walked through the village alleys alone.”

The man was working alone in a field when he met his grisly end.


Source:  The Times Of India