Calysta Cordova: 9-year-old Colorado girl rescued after abduction

Amber Alert Cancelled

Calysta Cordove, 9 year old missing after walking home from school in Pueblo, Colorado. Photo via NCMEC.

An Amber Alert has been cancelled after a missing 9-year-old, Calysta Cordova of Pueblo, Colorado was found alive after a reported abduction. She had been missing since yesterday. The latest reports on her whereabouts came from witnesses who said they saw her around 3:30 pm yesterday afternoon. Some witnesses also reported that they saw a suspicious white Mercedes in the area around that time.

Calysta is a a student at Columbian Elementary. Her mother became concerned after she attended school yesterday but never made it home. Now reports are surfacing that Calysta was actually abducted but in a rare instance of bravery and will, was able to get away from her captor. She was apparently taken to a restaurant and was able to run to a nearby convenience store when her abductor wasn’t looking. Police say she asked the Circle K personnel for help.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children posted a profile of Calysta, a Hispanic female, around 4’10” and weighing around 85 bls.

According to the NCMEC, in non-family or stranger abductions, only 20% are found alive after capture.