Teen Mom Leah Messer pregnant again

Messer reported to be pregnant for second time, with quite a surprise for her fans.


Teen Mom 2's Leah
Teen Mom 2's Leah, seen here holding twin Aleeah, is rumored to be pregnant with twins again. Photo from MTV.com (http://remotecontrol.mtv.com/2011/04/28/how-to-get-in-touch-with-the-teen-mom-2-cast/)

From the onset of the second season of 16 and Pregnant, most of the controversial show’s loyal watchers knew that Leah Messer’s story would continue to be played out if a second season of Teen Mom were created. And it was, with Leah being one of the most popular cast members.

During her time on 16 and Pregnant it was revealed that she became pregnant with her fraternal twin girls after dating boyfriend Cory Simms only a month. Despite the lack of time put into their relationship, the two decided to make a go of it and continue with their relationship for their twin girls.

After a brief breakup when Leah decided to attempt to rekindle a relationship with her ex-boyfriend from high school, with whom she’d had a relationship for several years, Leah and Cory slowly re-established their relationship, culminating in their wedding in their hometown on the season finale of Teen Mom 2’s first season.

Before too long, though, rumors surfaced that the teen mom and her older husband had filed divorce papers in their native West Virginia. The two stayed mum on the subject, citing orders from MTV. Leah’s Facebook fan page was barraged with both insults and concern from people all over the world who had opinions they wanted heard, causing her to disable her page many times. She was, said her page’s administrators, tired of the insults she was receiving.

Now that the second season of Teen Mom 2 has begun, viewers are treated to Leah and Corey’s marriage in its first days, showing the newlyweds concerned about their daughter Ali’s health. The now 2-year-old has developmental delays, the cause of which has not been revealed, but in a recent episode, Leah and Corey were told that the reason for the delays were not because there was anything wrong with the tot’s brain, which left them immensely relieved.  In the next episode, they were told Ali would likely have to wear braces to correct the curvature of Ali’s legs, one of her many physical problems. Others include the inability to close her fists and a problem with one of her eyes that crosses and has a smaller than normal optic nerve, indicating she might at some point go blind in that eye.

The biggest developments, though, have come from the tabloids in the most recent weeks. Inside sources, as OK!, InTouch and Us Magazines report, have told them that Leah is pregnant for the second time with her new fiancé, Jeremy Calvert, a pipe layer, also from West Virginia. The magazines report that Calvert is living with Leah and the twins, Aliannah and Aleeah, in a three bedroom home that Leah recently purchased with her season two MTV paycheck. Along with the home, she purchased a car.

“She’s already blown this season’s paycheck,” said an inside friend to InTouch magazine. “She desperately needs cash.” The same insider said Leah used the funds to purchase a brand-new Chevrolet Suburban Sport Utility Vehicle.

The 19-year-old mother of two has been reported to have been being responsible with her birth control, which failed her. Us Weekly said a source told them Leah had a Mirena IUD when she became pregnant for the second time, and the IUD must have shifted. The manufacturer of Mirena says that only 8 in every 1,000 Mirena implants fail and cause women to become pregnant.

Calvert, like Simms, is an older man. Simms is 21, two years older than Leah, who is 19. Calvert is 23, a full four years older, but Leah, said Us Weekly, is telling everyone that the relationship feels right and that she was extremely excited that Calvert proposed over Christmas.

The insider who spoke to InTouch goes on to drop the biggest bombshell of all: Leah is not only pregnant again, but she’s having twins again. InTouch reports that her chances of having twins increase greatly because her twins are fraternal. In fact, says family physician Dr. Walt Larimore, her chances of having twins again quadruple.

Whether Leah will have one baby or two is yet to be determined. All reports say she is due around the middle of August, so until she releases an official statement or gives birth, the world will have to wait. She is, however, excitedly planning the wedding. OK! reports that the twin girls will have a part in the wedding. An insider tells the tabloids that Leah is counting on the pregnancy and wedding to give her a spinoff show on MTV and help her out with her cash flow problem, so the wedding is sure to be as lavish as she can make it. She’s already enjoying her 1.5 karat princess cut sparkler from Calvert and says she has a lot to look forward to in 2012.