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Burger King test markets delivery in the U.S.

Burger King may start delivering food in your area. Photo via Facebook.

Burger King is currently test marketing delivery service in various U.S. locations. Adding to their current international delivery service which has been successful in Brazil and Mexico, they’ve recently decided to pilot a delivery option in a few test markets in the eastern U.S. Right now, delivery is only available in Gaithersburg, MD, Springfield, VA and Germantown, MD.

If the delivery option proves to be popular, Burger King may start rolling out nation-wide delivery. A $2 fee is attached to each delivery order and there’s a minimum of $10. A special ‘delivery menu’ consists of delivery deals which include a 10 cheeseburgers and 20 pieces of chicken tenders value meal for $14.49. This may just be a late night party goers dream. Ordering online even gives you the option to customize your burger any way you want it.

The packaging is specially designed to keep hot foods hot and cold foods crisp. People seem to be pretty stoked about the idea if their Facebook page is a reflection. One excited customer summed it up on their promotional wall by simply saying, ‘oh hell ya’.

Something tells me that there isn’t going to be a lot of salad ordered through Burger King’s delivery option. Something also tells me that this option would really gain traction if they delivered, let’s say, into late evening. Currently their hours are from 11am – 10pm. Sorry stoners.