Todd Palin endorsement win-win for former AK Governor

Palin endorsement catapulted SC State Rep. Nikki Haley to Governorship. (file photo/Charles B Reynolds)

Many a pundit and columnist are delving into the news / not news importance of Todd Palin’s endorsement of Newt Gingrich as the GOP nominee for the 2012 Presidential race.

“Who is Todd Palin’s constituency?” Joseph Weisenthal of the Business Insider tweeted on Monday (1/9). Sarah Husienga of the National Journal imparts that the former “first dude’s” endorsement as a political independent would help rally the tea party groups who support Sarah into Newt’s camp.

A November 23rd article from Real Clear Politics gave indications why the former Governor from Alaska would most likely endorse Gingrich for the GOP bid. However, it also seemed clear that her endorsement would not come lightly nor any time soon.

So will Sarah Palin follow suit with her husband’s endorsement? The biggest question one should ask when considering this is how “normal” is the Palin household political standing?

If nothing has been made more clear from her time as Governor, through her run as VP nominee in 2008 and since, the Palin household is more like the American general public families than the political families around DC. Not only do most families not share the same enthusiasm for political candidates, they are often vocal about their differences.

As politically savvy as Sarah Palin has been shown to be, her husband is not one to back down from sharing his own opinion of things. For instance, Todd joined the Alaska Independence Party in 1994, while his wife remained in the Republican Party. The AIP wanted to re-vote on the state of Alaska and make it an independent entity.

Sarah Palin has not only held back her endorsement of Newt Gingrich, but she has openly praised PA Sen. Rick Santorum and warned the party faithful not to discount TX Rep. Ron Paul. Both of these GOP hopefuls have ideologies similar to Palin in many ways. Santorum has shown an “ideological consistency” that Palin both admires and explains that it would be regarded well by voters. Of Paul, Palin stated that “most Americans are war weary and broke,” making the Texas Congressman very appealing to them.

At a time when many supporters wish she would enter the race, and many a pundit hope she would make an endorsement, it is more likely that the former Governor and VP candidate, who cut her national teeth in a very public way in 2008 and has grown more and more savvy publicity-wise, will NOT be making any public endorsements. This may well be why Todd is able to make his opinion public. Not only is it a way to keep the Palin name in the public eye (perhaps for a 2016 bid), but it is a way for her to hedge her bets should Obama win in November. If she makes an endorsement and the President wins re-election, her clout would be somewhat diminished. However, if the President is defeated, Todd’s endorsement could be seen as a imperceptible nod from her, maintaining her influence value.

Either way, having Todd express his choice and her holding back her endorsement is a win-win for the former Governor.