Library sends police to 5-year-old to collect overdue books


Police sent to collect library books from 5-year-old. Photo via CBS Boston

CBS Boston is reporting that a Charlton mom is upset that the local library dispatched police to her home to remind her 5-year-old daughter to return her overdue books. Shannon Benoit said that the deputy stopped by and informed her and her daughter that the two books were several months overdue and needed to be returned to the library or paid for. Benoit said that after the deputy left her daughter burst into tears over fears that she would be arrested.

Sgt. Dowd, the officer who appeared at the door, admits that the assignment was not his first choice. He said no one in the department wanted the assignment and that “apparently, I was one of the low men on the totem pole.” State law identifies the failure to return books as a misdemeanor, and the department thought that a personal reminder might make a better impression than serving the family with a court summons.

Benoit insists that the library never sent them an overdue notice. The books have since been located and returned.