18-year-old arrested after bragging about burglary on Facebook

A burglary suspect flashes cash on Facebook

PROTIP: If you don’t want to be busted for burglary, don’t post about it on Facebook.

That’s a bit of advice Isaiah Cutler, 18, of Pittsburgh learned a bit too late after police arrested him for the burglary of a convenience store with three other teens after Cutler posted a photo on his Facebook wall that allegedly showed him displaying some of the cash and goods stolen from the store.

Police arrested Cutler along with three juveniles, who were charged with stealing cash, cigarettes, checks and candy from the store, valued at over $8,000, according to the Associated Press.

Cutler has been charged with theft, conspiracy and burglary, and remains in jail until a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Cutler posted the images on Facebook of himself and others with the cash and goods just one hour after police responded to a burglary at Elliott’s Town Market.

After somebody spotted the photos, they contacted one of Cutler’s relatives, who turned him into the police, according to Pittsburgh Police Sgt. Kevin Gasiorowski.

The alleged burglary by Cutler marks the fifth time Elliott’s has been burglarized, and as the only neighborhood grocery store, residents are getting tired of it.

“It’s very frustrating,” resident Brian Lamison told WPXI. “My mother still lives in this neighborhood. It scares me because if they [steal from this] store, which is right on this front street, they’ll do it to my mother.”