A woman sent her husband on an errand before killing her father, her daughter and herself

Woman kills her father and daughter with shotgun. Via google images.

Authorities said Penelope Luddy, a woman in Western New York, sent her husband on an errand Wednesday, then killed her father, her 10-year-old daughter and herself with a shotgun. Just before he died, Luddy’s father managed to tell sheriff’s deputies what had happened.

Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn said that Luddy, 53, had been “extremely distraught” for the past few weeks and that she may have been undergoing treatment.

O’Flynn said that Luddy persuaded Michael, her 57-year-old husband, to go visit a sick relative around 8:30 a.m. Michael returned just over an hour later to find his wife dead and his daughter, Alexandra, and father-in-law, Harold Bertram, gravely wounded. All three were in the finished basement of their home in Perinton, a Rochester suburb.

Both Bertram and his granddaughter had been shot twice. Investigators said that evidence indicates a struggle in the basement, where Bertram had been living.

Sheriff’s Lt. Michael Fowler said Bertram’s injuries “were very severe, so he was very limited in the amount (of information) he could provide to us.” There was no note left by Penelope Luddy. O’Flynn said that Bertram told deputies that “she had shot both the daughter and him prior to taking her life.” Both were pronounced dead at the hospital.

Although the couple had obtained pistol permits in September, the police were unable to find any gun purchase records, O’Flynn said. The owner of the 12-gauge shotgun Luddy used (which would not require a permit) is unknown at this time.

Source: news.yahoo.com