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Justin Bieber used as torture device at Illinois high school

Bieber annoyance factor raises money for non-profit

Two students at a high school in Illinois have found a way to force their fellow classmates to give more to charity — torture them with Justin Bieber.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Charlotte Runzel and Jesse Chatz at Evanston High School wanted to raise $1,000 for a nearby cafe and arts center, so they talked school administrators into playing the Bieber song “Baby” over the intercom at the end of each class period until Runzel and Chatz had reached their fundraising goal.

They collected the money within three days.

The high school’s assistant director of student support and racial equity, Ali Hart, said that while some high schoolers may equate being subjected to endless Justin Bieber as borderline torture, that’s really the point.

“If it wasn’t going to be slightly annoying, then you wouldn’t be motivated to stop the music,” Hart told the S-T.

Sophomore Justus Smith was one of the ones annoyed by the music, but he did say he was “happy they got the money, though.”

The administrator of the nonprofit cafe the teens raised the money for said her and the staff were “incredibly moved” by the gesture, and that in return the cafe would provide free space for Evanston students to give their senior studies presentations.