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Jerry Sandusky: In his own words

Former defensive coordinator claims he never spoke with Joe Paterno about abuse

Breaking News: Assistant coach testifies to seeing abuse in shower.

In the 30 years that Jerry Sandusky worked with Joe Paterno, “I never talked to him about either one,” Sandusky said. “That’s all I can say. I mean, I don’t know.”

Sandusky is maintaining his innocence in a recent interview held at his attorney’s home, and says mounting claims against him are simply misunderstandings.

“They’ve taken everything that I ever did for any young person and twisted it to say that my motives were sexual or whatever,” Sandusky told reporters. “I had kid after kid after kid who might say I was a father figure. And they just twisted that all.”

Jerry Sandusky discussing his charity, Second Mile, before a 2007 Penn State football game. Screenshot via Fox

Victims in the case continue to come forward. Sandusky is being accused of using his charity, Second Mile, to scout for poor and underprivileged youth and reportedly gave them money and gifts. “I tried to reward them sometimes with a little money in hand, just so that they could see something,” he said. “But more often than not, I tried to set up, maybe get them to save the money, and I put it directly into a savings account established for them.”

“I never bought a computer for any kid; I had a computer given to me to give to a kid. I never bought golf clubs. People gave things because they knew there would be kids. They wanted to get rid of things.”

When questioned about his contact with minors, Sandusky replied it, “just happened that way.” “I think a lot of the kids really reached out” for wrestling and hugging,” he said.

Although his relationships with children, bothered Paterno, he disagreed with Penn State’s handling of the scandal. “I don’t think it was fair.”

“I would have dreams of we being in a squad meeting and that door fly open and kids come running through chasing one another, and what was I going to do?” he said. “Because, I mean, Joe was serious about football.”

The firing of head coach Paterno caused some students to riot while others held a candlelight vigil for the victims of the abuse. Sandusky is out on bail, pending a December 13 preliminary hearing.