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Craisins recall: Metal fragments found in product

Ocean Spray announced the recall the day after Thanksgiving

Ocean Spray has initiated a voluntary recall of various packages of its Craisins as a “precautionary measure”, due to tiny metal strands found in the product.

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To date, no reports of injury have been reported, and in a press release, Ocean Spray states that the hair-like metal fragments are not likely to cause harm to anyone who has consumed them.

The news comes just days after Thanksgiving, where reports also urged consumers to avoid canned foods, including cranberries, because of BPA seepage into foods from the plastic lining in the metal cans.

Ocean Spray says that they issued the recall because of “an abundance of caution to ensure the safety of our consumers.” According to company spokesman, John Isaf, fragments from one of the production lines contaminated the whole lot and the particular piece of equipment has been repaired.

The recalled product lots (only dates followed by the letter M are affected) are:

—5-oz. Craisins UPC: 00293-000 Best By Dates/Letter: Oct 27 2012 M

—10-oz. Craisins UPC: 29456-000 and 29464-000 Best By Dates/Letter: Oct 27 2012 M, Oct 28 2012 M, Oct 29 2012 M

—48-oz. Craisins UPC: 00678-318 Best By Dates/Letter: Oct 27 2012 M, Oct 28 2012 M, Nov 3 2012 M, Nov 4 2012 M, Nov 5 2012 M, Nov 6 2012 M, Nov 7 2012 M, Nov 10 2012 M, Nov 11 2012 M.

—10-lb. bulk ingredient & foodservice UPC: 03477-000 Best By Dates/Letter: 30 Oct 2013 M, 31 Oct 2013 M, 1 Nov 2013 M, 5 Nov 2013 M.

Consumers who have purchased affected packages of Craisins are being asked to save the UPC/Best by date, discard any remaining product, and can contact Ocean Spray at -800-662-3263.

While Ocean Spray has not released the amount of the dried sweetened cranberries being recalled, MSNBC has estimated the recall at around 150,000 pounds.