Special needs New Jersey teen bullied by teacher

Teacher goes over the line.
When Julio Artuz complained of being bullied, nobody, not even his parents believed him. Why? His bully was his teacher. Julio is a 15 year old special needs student enrolled in Bankbridge Regional School in Gloucester County, New Jersey, where he claimed his teacher was insulting and bullying him on a regular basis.

Finding no one would listen; he took matters into his own hands, and caught his teacher in the act using the video camera on his phone.

It starts with Julio asking his teacher not to call him “special” and it completely explodes from there. The teacher replies with “What am I supposed to call you Jules? What’s going to happen to me? I’ll say whatever I want to say!”
He berates Julio for having trouble with his school work and continues the verbal assault, getting into Julio’s face and telling him “I will kick your a** from here to kingdom come, until I’m 80 years old!”

In an interview, when asked how it makes him feel Julio says, “It makes me feel, like I’m trash.”

The school district has released this statement: “The actions depicted on the video do not reflect the mission or culture of our school,” said Gloucester Counter Special Services Superintendent Michael Dicken in a statement. “Our school district takes all bullying, harassment, and intimidation allegations seriously…we do not tolerate it.”

They have also come up with a plan of disciplinary action for the teacher, who is currently on administrative leave.
However, there are always multiple sides to any story, and students who were also in the class are speaking up, on the teacher’s behalf.

Matt Connelly claims to know Julio personally and says that Julio is always mouthing off in class and that the media is not showing the entire video. Julio had provoked the teacher for a long period of time before it finally escaladed to what we see. He says “Mr. Roth was a great teacher, he taught very well, he was the best math teacher, I love him.”

Another student agrees, saying “Yeah, he is an awesome teacher; this kid likes to run his mouth. This video is being taken out of context and you’re only seeing the end, the beginning was never recorded.”

A former student says the same, going so far as to say that if he weren’t 18 when he attended the school, he’d have smacked Artuz’s mouth for the things he’d say to other students and teachers.

Everybody agrees that Mr. Roth should have held his temper and handled the situation in a better, more professional manner, but there is speculation that Julio is not as innocent as he appears to be.