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Honor roll student commits suicide after being bullied at school

Ashlynn Conner, 10, a cheerleader and honor roll student hangs herself to stop bullying

10 year old Ashlynn Conner hangs herself after bullying became too much. Photo via social netwworking.

Peer pressure and school bullies are just two of the many issues that face our young children in school these days.

Peer pressure alone can make our children do things they wouldn’t normally do. Couple that with the peer pressure coming from the biggest school bully, times five and you have the mix for a major disaster.

Young Ashlynn Conner, just 10 years old, attended Ridge Farm Elementary in Illinois. She was in the 5th grade and an honor student who was looking forward to being a veterinarian. She had endured taunts from kids at school calling her names such as ‘slut’ and telling her she was ‘fat and ugly’.

Ashlynn had asked her parents many times if she could be home schooled hoping that this would help alleviate some of the bullying. When her mom told her that wasn’t possible she couldn’t take the bullying anymore and hanged herself with a scarf in her bedroom closet.

Deaths among children her age rank third in the nation and the statistics show suicide among boys of the same is higher than girls.

Common signs your child might be having trouble in school with bullying are telling you that they are sick and asking to stay home, lack of interest in school functions, lack of interest in home work or studies. Unusual eating habits, sleeping habits, such as lack of sleep or too much sleep, are also indicators there is a need to intervene.

Suicide among children is caused by many factors, to many to list here but a few of those could be, abuse in the home whether physical, sexual, verbal or emotional, a traumatic event in the family such as divorce, a death of a loved one, incest or abuse among siblings, drug abuse.

Parents are asked to be pro active in their child’s life not just at home but in the community and especially at school. School and home are two of the main places that our children learn social skills and how to cope in society and also where they learn how to be young adults and then mature adults with good morals and ethics, respect and communication skills.