New details about what happened the night baby Lisa Irwin disappeared

Could new clues reveal what happened to missing baby, Lisa Irwin?

All eyes are on Megan Wright as amatueur, Internet 'crime investigators' question her story about her cell phone usage and her prior boyfriend with a criminal record. Screen shot via KCTV 5.

New evidence given by defensive parties within miles of the Lisa Irwin home who said they were at the home of Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley the night baby Lisa Irwin went missing, is starting an avalanche of clues for which amateur online crime sleuths are trying to piece together. New clues may suggest that someone knows more than what they’re telling.

According to Yahoo News, a neighbor who says he was drinking with Lisa’s mother, Deborah Bradley, from about 7 pm – 9, 9:30 pm, and another neighbor, Samantha Brando, the night the baby disappeared has some inconsistencies with his story. He recently came out and claimed that nobody bothered to check on baby Lisa while they talked and partied earlier that evening.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that the woman, Megan Wright, who was called from the missing cell phones of Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley who claim their cell phones were stolen along with the baby, had given her phone to a gentleman by the name of Dane L. Greathouse (who also goes by Dane Diggler). She says he was staying with her the night that Lisa Irwin disappeared and that she was downstairs and he was upstairs when the call came in. She claims that she has no idea why the person who stole the phones called her room-mate Dane, but eluded to the fact that he may have been into drugs. She also claims that his whereabouts are currently unknown because she kicked him out of her home a few weeks ago.

However, Fox News is reporting that the man was the ex-boyfriend of Wright and was bad news with a record of burglaries and break-ins.

While Irwin and Bradley insist that their phones were stolen that night, it doesn’t jive with the time-frame. The call was made between 8pm – 8:30pm, long before Lisa’s mother claims she went to bed. Cyber sleuths are now asking, could it be plausible that Wright’s ex-boyfriend tried to call Wright if he did indeed break into the Irwin’s home and took the baby?

Wright also claims that she had upwards of 7 people living with her several months ago and they all used her cell phone as a “community phone”. Room-mates of Wright have gone on the record since this statement and called the claims false, saying that they did not have access to Wright’s cell phone.

It is unclear why this new information has only recently been made public or why Bradley’s neighbor, Shane Beagley, has changed his story on the timing of when he was with Bradley drinking. It is also unclear why Wright’s ex-boyfriend tried calling her or someone else in Wright’s home, from the mysteriously missing phones, the night that Lisa vanished.