Not the first time missing Sky Metalwala left alone

Parents left Washington boy in car as infant

Toddler went missing after mother abandoned him in car to go get gas. Screen shot via CNN.

The mother of missing 2-year-old Sky Metalwala had previously left the boy alone in the car when he was an infant.

In 2009, police were called after witnesses noticed Sky by himself and strapped into a car seat in the parking lot of a Target, while his mother, Julie Biryukova, and the boy’s father, Solomon Metalwala, were shopping inside. Police say the boy had been in the car for almost sixty minutes.

Solomon Metalwala told KING-5 on Monday that he admits it was a “stupid mistake” to have left Sky in the car, and he “can’t imagine” why Biryukova would do it again. He and Biryukova are currently in the middle of a bitter custody dispute, and he claims he has not seen Sky in almost a year.

Biryukova claims that on Sunday morning she was driving her car to Bellevue, Washington, when she ran out of gas. She went looking for help with her 4-year-old daughter, but left Sky alone in the car. She says that when she returned, Sky was gone.

Metalwala thinks there may be more to the story.

He said, “Why is Julia out here at 8:50 a.m., especially in Bellevue, she lives all the way in Redmond. She has done something. I don’t know what she has done.”

Police issued a polygraph test to Metalwala, and the results were inconclusive. Metalwala will retake the test on Tuesday. Biryukova refused to take the test.

Bellevue Police Department Major Mike Johnson said that investigators “absolutely” suspect that the boy is a victim of foul play due to the “limited amount of information” and a lack of “solid leads to follow up on in regard to where [Sky] might be.”

Johnson also said that “someone close to this family knows what happened to this child.”

Police are asking that anybody who has any information regarding Sky’s disappearance to call 425-452-2564 or email