Pregnant man may stop at 3 kids

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie and wife Nancy have three kids and say they do not have plans to have more

Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man who shot to fame after his bearded face and pregnant belly were pictured in media outlets across the country in 2007, now has three kids and appeared on the Oct. 31 episode of the syndicated television show The Doctors with his wife, Nancy, and their three children.

People Magazine posted a story in last week’s issue detailing the couple’s upcoming appearance. In the magazine, he revealed that he is considering a hysterectomy because he and his wife Nancy believe they’re done having children.

During the show, Beatie and his wife talked about how they handled pregnancy and childbirth as part of a transgendered couple. Beatie said though he gave birth to all three children, their oldest, daughter Susan, followed by two sons, Austin and Jensen, his wife Nancy breast fed all three children.

Beatie said he knew the decision to have children wasn’t easy, but Nancy had undergone a hysterectomy years previous, rendering her unable to bear children. He said he knew that going off his testosterone and undergoing the process to become pregnant would possibly set him back as far as his gains in his body toward becoming a man, but he also knew that they wanted children, and he wanted to do his part to contribute to that goal.

Beatie was born in 1975 as Tracy Lagondino. In 2002, he had gender reassignment surgery, though he left his female reproductive organs intact. He legally changed his sex from female to male in Hawaii. He said he chose to keep his female reproductive organs because he knew that removing them would not make him any less of a man. It would only make him sterile.

Because Beatie had received what is known as “top surgery”, or a double mastectomy, he could not breast feed the children. It was important to the couple to breast feed their children, so Nancy underwent hormone therapy and lactation induction in order to breast feed all three children.

Beatie, who as a woman had been a professional bodybuilder, said his biggest physical concern was returning to his pre-pregnancy body, and he had been considering a hysterectomy.

The Beaties said that their biggest life concern is the threats they receive from other people who don’t understand their way of life and regularly send threatening communication. They said it’s become so bad they’re working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in order to monitor these communications.

“We are working with the FBI right now,” Thomas says. “They’re keeping a monitor on us. People need to broaden their horizons and look more introspectively. This is a very healthy environment for us to raise our children because they have a loving mother and a loving father and loving siblings.”