Nazi naming parents acquitted of child abuse charges

Adolph Hitler's parents fighting to regrain custody of two sisters, Aryan Nation Honszlynn Hinler

Nazi named children, Adolph Hitler, Aryan Nation JoyceLynn and Honszlynn Hinler together with parents are still separated after court acquits them of child abuse. Family photo.

A NJ couple, Heath and Deborah Campbell, are fighting to get their Nazi-named children back. Social services investigated the couple after a ShopRite store reported them for a birthday cake order they placed with the bakery. While in and of itself, not unusual, the name of the birthday boy was. The store’s bakery refused to sell them a cake with his name which they found highly offensive. The boy’s name?  — Adolph Hitler.

But the shocking name didn’t stop at Adolph. Adolph has two sisters named Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler.

DYFS (Department of Youth and Family Services) contend that while they originally took the children on the suspicion (and ultimate charge) of parenting incompetence and abuse, they were further kept in DYFS custody because because of domestic abuse. While the case is protected by a gag order, the domestic abuse is thought to be between the parents themselves.

The Campbells deny that any kind of domestic violence took place in their house and claim their children were taken away because of their namesakes, which is illegal. Today, a judge cleared the couple of any child abuse charges, a large victory they thought in their efforts to get their children back. The Campbells say they should get immediate custody back.

According to, they say their children miss their parents and ask to come home on a daily basis.

It is uncertain whether the Campbells will have to wait for the domestic violence allegations to be decided upon in court before they can regain custody or if DYFS will release the children later this year.

Both Heath and Deborah are unemployed and ‘disabled’. They are said to suffer from an undisclosed physical disability and mental health problems. Go figure.