Police: Missing baby Lisa Irwin's parents need to do more

Baby Lis Irwin's parents and two half-brothers walking up their driveway. Police want to question all of them again. Screen shot via GMA.

Three and half weeks after 11 month old baby Lisa Irwin disappeared from her Kansas City, Missouri home, police want the parents, Deborah Bradely, 25,  and Jeremy Irwin, 29,  to cooperate more readily and agree to whatever the police want. The police claim this hasn’t been the case and the parents of the missing infant have only cooperated on their own terms.

The police’s actions suggest that they may feel the parents know more than what they’re leading on. The police want to interview the couple separately, something the police are claiming the couple has refused to do. Police are saying there are still many unanswered questions whom the parents should be able to answer easily.

Now investigators want to re-inteview Lisa’s young 5 and 8-year-old brothers as well. Investigators say the interview will take place with a child specialist and not a uniformed police officer. The parents argue that the children were already questioned early the morning of October 4, 2011, when Lisa first disappeared, but investigators say they weren’t able to interview them as long as they had wanted because it was so early and because of the children’s ages.

The boys are half-brothers themselves. One is the biological son of Deborah Bradley, the other is the biological son of Jeremy Irwin.

The parent’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, has now said that the boy’s parents have agreed to have them interviewed again, this Friday. DNA samples will also be taken from the boys.

Tacopina also said the further questioning of his clients Bradley and Irwin will go forward with restrictions. He is stipulating that the interview will cease if the police ask any questions that implicate them in the disappearance of their child.

Bradley has told the media that her boys told her that they heard noises the night of Lisa’s disappearance but she has not asked them to elaborate for fear that it may traumatize them further.