Newborn rescued from earthquake rubble in Turkey

Small miracles are welcome after Turkish earthquake takes hundreds of lives

Rescuers with two-week old newborn rescued from Turkish rubble after 2011 earthquake. Screen shot via Telegraph UK.

A two-week-old baby was rescued from the rubble left over from an earthquake in Eastern Turkey after two days of being buried under the collapsed buildings and their surroundings. The baby was a girl, Azra Karaduman, and video that was released Tuesday morning showed her being carried from the scene, naked, with an oxygen mask covering her face.

According to a report on Good Morning America Oct. 25, newborn babies have a particular ability to thrive in harsh environments because of the extra fat that is stored in their tiny bodies, giving them the ability to survive several days, maybe even weeks, without access to food.

After the baby girl was rescued, her mother was later pulled from the rubble and rescued, as well. After the girl and her mother were safely transported to a facility to receive medical care, the baby’s paternal grandmother was found and pulled out. No one is yet sure whether the grandmother survived being trapped under the rubble. The baby’s father was still trapped in the remains of the earthquake at the time the grandmother was pulled out.

According to, the baby’s mother made contact through an opening in the piles of concrete and building materials under which the family was trapped. Because she was able to make contact, the baby was able to be rescued by being shoved through a narrow opening.

The rescuer who got in to get the baby was picked because of how thin he was, with the idea that he could most easily get through the opening to help get the baby out. The rescuer told CNN it was the first time he’d ever pulled someone out of earthquake rubble alive, and he’d been doing the work for 12 years.

CNN Turk reporter Nevsin Mengu said that people were very frightened in the area where the earthquake occurred.

“People are really scared. The survivors are now trying to survive the cold weather,” he said.

Reports from Turkey say that 55 buildings, 25 apartment buildings and a college dormitory all collapsed during the earthquake.