Missing AZ 5 yr. old: Grandmother says racism to blame for lack of media attention

Grandmother claims missing African American girl is being largely ignored by the media

5 yr. old Jahessye Shockley vanished early evening, October 11th. Grandmother claims racism is the reason for lack of national coverage. Family photo.

The Grandmother of missing 5-yr.-old Jahessye Shockley is accusing the Glendale, Arizona police department of failing to get the missing persons report out to the public because the little girl is black. Jahessye has been missing since October 11, 2011, yet the case has garnered little national attention especially compared to that of the missing infant in Kansas City, who is Caucasian.

Police believe that 5 yr. old Jahessye accidentally got out of the house and may have gotten lost. She was with her 3 older siblings at the time, ages 6, 9, and 13, the evening she disappeared. The oldest sibling was outside when Jahessye went missing. The girl’s mother, Jerice Hunter, was out running errands at the time and arrived home to find Jahessye gone.

According to the NY Daily News, Hunter was convicted of child abuse back in 2006 but police are not naming her a suspect in case.

Jahessye’s Grandmother, Shirley Johnson, recently spoke out at a rally saying this about the Glendale Police investigation:

“…[they have] not brought this to the forefront. They botched this investigation … I believe it’s because she’s a little black girl.”