Casey Anthony Jurors names to be released tomorrow

Casey Anthony jurors will have their day of reckoning when their names are released on October 25, 2011. Screen shot via ABC News.

One hundred and eleven days after the acquittal of tot-mom, Casey Anthony, the jurors who found one of the most polarizing accused child killers innocent will have their names released. While Florida doesn’t typically with-hold jurors names, the contentious trial found jurors claiming to be afraid for their lives after the ‘not guilty’ verdict was handed down.

Anthony, famous for her partying lifestyle and month-long bar and party¬† circus while her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony, was missing, was scorned and demonized by the court of public opinion. Anthony continued to weave and feed a web of lies to investigators who were trying desperately to locate the baby’s whereabouts. Caylee’s dead body was later found only blocks away from Casey’s home, in a wooded area Casey allegedly frequented as a young girl.

Judge Perry who presided over the trial, held off releasing the jurors names after public outrage cost some jurors their jobs and ‘made them feel like prisoners in their own homes’. Some jurors said they were discriminated against at grocery stores and at work and had to eventually move.

Two jurors outed themselves already — shortly after the trial, Juror #3, Jennifer Ford and alternate Juror, Russ Huekler, both claimed the verdict came from the fact that couldn’t prove Casey’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Another Juror, Juror #2 spoke to the media back in July but refused to disclose his name.