Florida teen girl cut on school bus ride home

Teen girl in Florida was brutally slashed on school bus by classmate.

A bus ride home in Orange County, Florida from Evans High school resulted in a 14 year old girl being cut in the face and arm. After getting in a confrontation and brutal fight with another female student from the school.

“Two girls were fighting on the bus, then the girl start cutting her with a blade,” said student Tony Morris.

“She was cut on the temple and a big cut on her arm,” he continued.

He also stated that the 14-year-old victim got off the bus at the corner intersection profusely bleeding from the side of her face and upper arm. The female student attacker remained on the bus and continued on the ride home. The girl who was caused the injuries flagged down authorities for help.

The female student who committed the cutting was described as a “quiet and regular” girl. According to the Orange County Sheriff, they have not arrested anyone or found the weapon used by the teen. The school district does not tolerate such behavior and will proceed with serious actions. The student will face either suspension or be expelled.

Source: Fox35.com