Parents force 16-year-old into medieval style duel

Teen battles step father in two-hour duel with wooden sword

Fremon Seay (Photo courtesy of My Yearbook)

 A father in Washington is currently under arrest for assaulting his teenage step daughter with a deadly weapon.

Lt. Greg Elwin of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office claims that Fremon Seay, 38, is accused of beating his 16-year-old step daughter with twigs from a tree, after picking her up from the police station following an arrest.  Seay has claimed that the girl was a runaway, and was at a party that she wasn’t supposed to be at. According to MSNBC, Seay also told officers that it was his right to discipline his daughter as he sees fit.

The discipline of choice may have begun with a tree branch lashing, but it quickly escalated into a medieval style duel. Seay allegedly forced the teen to don renaissance style body armor, and battle him with a wooden sword for over two hours. The girl finally collapsed from exhaustion, according to The Olympian, but was able to send a text message to a friend, who then called police.

Investigators later learned that Fremon Seay, and wife Julie Seay, are renaissance enthusiasts who often recreate medieval era battles. According to Elwin, the couple also told arresting officers that “she’s 16 now, so we can fight to resolve things.”

The teenage girl reportedly was beaten from head to toe, and is covered in welts and bruises, but is expected to make a full recovery. Julie Seay reportedly watched the battle, encouraging her husband to “beat the smirk off of her face”, according to ABC News. The mother has been arrested as an accessory to a crime, according to a Thurston County Sheriff’s spokesperson.

Both parents have been released on bail, and charges are expected to be filed within the next few days. The teen is currently staying with another family member; although the couple’s other children remain in the Seay home. Investigators are determining if other charges should be filed at this time.