Oklahoma mom rejects chemotherapy to save her baby

Dottie Mae's mother refused chemo in order to save her unborn child. After the passing of her mom, baby Dottie now lives with her mother's brother and wife. Photo via Facebook.

Stacie Crimm received the best news of her life in March when she found out she was pregnant. Doctors have told the 41 year old that she would never have kids and was overwhelmed with the news. A few months into the pregnancy, in July, Stacie was diagnosed with neck and head cancer from a n CT scan given by her doctor that stemmed from having headaches and tremors.

When given the option to began chemotherapy the mother refused. She risked her health for the thought of a healthy baby. Throughout the term she was very concerned about her unborn daughter. She consistently sent over 150 text messages to her brother about her worries.

“I hope I live long enough to have this baby,” she commented on one text. “Bubba if anything happens to me, you take this child,” she also wrote.

Stacie Crimm passed out in the middle of August finding out that the tumors were wrapping around the stem of her brain. During so the babies heart rate began to drop severely. Stacy’s heart had stopped for an hour an a half. The doctors proceeded to resuscitate but decided to deliver the two pound baby. Dottie Mae Crimm survived the tragic ordeal. Last month was the first time she held her newborn baby. Three days later Stacie Crimm died leaving a dying wish behind- a beautiful baby girl. The miracle baby is now 5 pounds living with her uncle, wife and their four children.

Source: foxnews.com