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Louisville mother concerned after daughter drinks energy drink

Kentucky youngster compromises health after drinking energy drink

Monster drink causes young girl's blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels. Photo via

The mother of a 10 year girl is urging parents to be aware of the risk of energy drinks. Her daughter returned from a five hour skating party and instead of exhaustion, the child’s blood pressure was skyrocketing to a dangerous level and her heart started racing.

One of the girl’s friends gave her a Monster Energy Drink. The beverage’s slogan is, “Unleash the beast.”

The girl is asthmatic and on albuterol. Pediatricians warn parents if their child is on any medications that are used for ADHD or ADD; energy drinks can be extremely dangerous.

Last May, the American Academy of Pediatrics releases a report warning parents energy drinks can be dangerous, even deadly for children. “Energy drinks contain substances¬† that act as stimulants, such as caffeine, guarana and taurine. Caffeine is by far the most popular stimulant, which has been linked to a number of harmful health effects in children, including effects on the developing neurologic and cardiovascular systems. Energy drinks are never appropriate for children or adolescents,” said Dr. Schneider and Dr. Benjamin. “Even soda should be avoided.”