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Man suspected of terrorist act for taking picture of daughter

Banned from mall over 'terror concerns'

The terrorist act in progress

An overly ambitious mall cop tried to confiscate a father’s phone after he had taken a picture of his daughter eating ice cream.

Chris White, 45, was at the Braehead Shopping Center in Glasgow, Scotland, with his 4-year-old daughter when he pulled out his phone to take a picture of her. He was soon approached by a mall security guard who demanded White delete the photo, and asked him to leave the shopping center and not return.

According to FoxNews, the guard called the police, and White was told that they had the right to confiscate White’s phone through the country’s Prevention of Terrorism Act, which gives police expanded powers when dealing with somebody suspected of being a terrorist.

On a Facebook page set up by White to encourage shoppers to boycott Braehead, he said the guard called police and that his “daughter was crying by this stage.” White was allowed to keep his phone and the photos, in exchange for providing personal details such as his place of birth, address, and employment status.

White said that if he did not have his daughter with him, who he is “trying to bring our daughter up to respect and trust police officers,” that he “may have exercised [his] right not to provide those details.”

A Braehead spokesman told Fox in a statement that the workers manning the ice cream counter “became suspicious” of White when he started taking pictures, thinking that he had also been snapping photos of the staff as well.

He added, “Like most shopping centers, we have a photography policy in the mall to protect the privacy of the staff and shoppers. However, it is not our intention to — and we do not — stop innocent family members from taking pictures.”