Woman gives birth to daughter after running Chicago Marathon

Woman runs marathon while pregnant. Image: WGN

Most women near the end of their pregnancy just want to take it easy and await the arrival of the new member of their family, but one Chicago area woman had different plans — to run over 26 miles instead.

Amber Miller, despite being 39 weeks pregnant, participated in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, and even managed to finish while working through contractions.

In an interview with WGN, Miller said she had ran half of the marathon, and walked for the second half, on the advice of her doctor. She said her husband was alongside her for the entire race, offering support.

Miller also indicated that besides getting the OK from her OB/GYN, marathon officials had no problem with a very pregnant woman participating, either.

“Nobody tried to [stop me],” Miller said. “I have been running all the way up until this point anyway so I’m kind of used to it.”

The observing crowd, however, seemed to have a different opinion about a pregnant woman running a marathon in unseasonably warm temperatures, and Miller said reactions were “very interesting,” and she received “lots of stares, lots of interesting comments.”

Miller gave birth to her seven pound, 13 ounce, daughter June on Sunday night at 10:29 p.m.

Miller said she’s going to be “taking it easy” on Monday.