Teens use wasp spray to rob Pizza Hut driver


The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that two teenagers robbed a Pizza Hut delivery driver Thursday afternoon using a can of bug spray. Tina McAllister, 42, of Brandon, was on a routine delivery on Wakefield Drive in the Providence Lakes neighborhood, when she was attacked by two teenage boys, ages 14 and 16.

The assailants approached the driver as she carried pizzas to the residence. The younger of the thieves placed a single dollar in the woman’s hand, and while she was distracted, the older teen sprayed insecticide in her eyes. The boys quickly grabbed the pizzas and fled on foot.

McAllister said that the boy sprayed her from a distance equal to the length of her delivery van, which led investigators to believe wasp spray was the weapon of choice.

Police, accompanied by K9 units, arrived on the scene shortly after, and began tracking the two teenagers. The police canines quickly picked up the scent of one of the boys, and tracked him to his home nearby. The other teen was found shortly after.

McAllister was able to positively identify both of the teenagers, according to ABC Action News. She was treated by paramedics, and suffered no serious injuries. However, both thieves now face charges of armed robbery, and the 16-year-old also faces charges of violating probation stemming from a previous marijuana possession incident.