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Toddler's forearm severed off by riding lawnmower

A Rhode Island toddler loses arm in lawnmower accident

Toddler has forearm severed by father's riding lawn mower like the one pictured.

A Charlestown, Rhode Island toddler, just shy of 2 years old, had part of his arm severed off by a riding lawnmower his father was using.  The boy’s arm was cut off at the elbow. Doctors weren’t able to reattach it.

The incident happened when the boy was playing outside in an enclosed area, fenced off from where his father was cutting the grass. He was accompanied by his mother and his sister. According to WPRI News, the mother got distracted when the boy’s sister asked her a question and that’s when the boy stuck his arm underneath fence a split second before his father came by with the riding lawnmower to mow at the edge of the fense. The toddler’s forearm was then severed off by the mower.

The child was treated by first responders and then taken by a medi-helicopter to a local children’s hospital.

The little boy is now in stable condition after undergoing surgery at Hasbro Children’s hospital. The boy is expected to undergo several more surgeries to fix his stump.