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Portland, OR bus driver allegedly harasses mother over crying toddler

Mom claims TriMet bus driver in SE Portland forced her off the bus because of crying baby

Portland, Oregon mom claims bus driver embarrassed and harassed her because her toddler daughter, Jessica, was tired and crying. Screen shot via KATU.

A Portland, Oregon bus driver fell impatient with a mother whose toddler daughter wouldn’t stop crying. Magdalena Rabadan was trying to get home with a very tired 2-year old in tow. Rabadan told KATU News that her daughter is rarely cranky and is used to riding the bus, but on that particular day, she was inconsolable. Rabadan claims the bus driver insisted over the loud speaker that she get control of the situation, eventually getting out of his seat and asking her to do something — anything — to calm the toddler down.

While English is Rabadan’s second language, she says she fully understand what the bus driver was asking her. She tried to explain to the driver that nothing was working and that her daughter, Jessica, was just tired and wanted to sleep. That’s when the driver told her that if the tot didn’t calm down, he wasn’t going to continue his route. He said they would stay put until the girl stopped crying.

Avoiding further confrontation, Rabadan decided to exit the bus with her daughter and called relatives to pick them up. She says that the driver gave her no other choice. Several passengers also got off the bus at the next stop in solidarity. Many of them felt that the young mother was being treated unfairly and urged her to contact the bus company, TriMet, to report the driver.