Teen burglar identified by saggy pants and underwear

Antonio Kleiss was idenified by his red boxer shorts. Photo via thesmokinggun.com

Fourteen-year-old Antonio Kleiss of Florida made a bad choice when he put on his saggy pants and broke into a vehicle in a Charlotte County parking lot. The Smoking Gun reports that the teen was interrupted while inside the Dodge truck by Donna Decker who called police after Kleiss tried unsuccessfully to convince her that the truck belonged to his grandfather. The teen then fled the scene, but before he could get away his baggy pants fell down to reveal his red boxer shorts.

Police arrived and located Kleiss in a nearby apartment building wearing the same sweater and shorts that Decker described. When asked to identify the suspect, Decker requested that he pull down the shorts to reveal the boxers. She was able to make a positive identification based on the boxer shorts.

A search of the apartment turned up an ignition part that was stolen from the Dodge truck. The teenager was charged with felony burglary and attempted grand theft.