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Homeless man rescues 8 wk old kitten

Young resident of a homeless shelter doesn't give up on a little kitten stuck in a storm pipe

Britnie Daugherty works as a State Rep. Payee at the Crisis Ministry of Davidson County and is now the proud owner of a 'Lucky' kitten rescured by a homeless resident. Photo via

A homeless man residing in a homeless shelter in Davidson County, North Carolina, heroically rescued a kitten from a storm sewer after hearing him cry for 5 days straight. The rescue came after animal control and the fire department failed in their attempts to rescue the tiny kitty. That’s when Crisis Ministry Homeless Shelter resident, Cole McCassland, 20, decided to take matters into his own hands.

The kitten had been stuck in a storm pipe for days. McCassland, who is of slim build, managed to make his way through the drainage pipe with a flashlight and capture the kitten. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds though. McCassland admits he made several failed attempts.

While the drain started out with a comfortable circumference, the pipe narrowed the further down he went, leaving little room for the skinny McCassland to squeeze through, but he was not dissuaded. When he finally caught up with the kitten he found him in 3″ – 4″ of water, scared and ready to be rescued, McCassland told

McCassland and his rescue-mate, another resident of the homeless shelter, had food waiting for the kitten who managed to eat the whole bowl in just minutes.

In the spirit of keeping with the happy rescue, an employee of the shelter, Britnie Daugherty, decided to take in the kitten home. She manages to take him to work with her however, so the kitten can visit his rescuer. Daugherty also saw it fitting to allow McCassland to name the cat, who appropriately named him “Lucky”. And lucky he is.