Father of three attacks teen after 'dying' in 'Call of Duty'

Call of Duty Black Ops video game violence translates to real life horror.

Random and unnecessary violence is often considered the norm for an American society filled with road rage, gang violence, and murder. The British, on the other hand, are considered to be generally mild tempered. One father of three decided to put these generalizations to the test.

Mark Bradford, a 46-year-old from Plymouth, England, apparently believes that the honor of the armed forces should translate to the online gaming world. During an online match of “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, Bradford’s avatar was killed by a 13-year-old acquaintance, with whom he was communicating via the PlayStation headset. After the “killing”, the boy taunted the grown man, leading to a fit of rage that ended in Bradford driving to the 13-year-old’s home, and assaulting him. The father of three allegedly choked the boy, leaving scrapes and red marks on his neck. Luckily, the boy was rescued by his mother, and left unharmed, but the reputation of British civility may have suffered serious damage. A grown man attacking a teenage boy in real life, over something that happened in cyber reality, is something that many would expect to hear out of the U.S, not the U.K.

According to The Plymouth Herald, the attorney for Bradford stated that the attack wasn’t planned, and that the 46-year-old acted on impulse. The “fit of rage” defense may seem applicable had the man and teenager been in the same room, but in this circumstance, Bradford took the time to drive to the boy’s house, and then proceed to assault him.