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Death of cheerleader appears to be sudden cardiac death

Autopsy scheduled to find out what caused 16-year-olds death.

It was during the annual fierce rivalry football game, Friday night, between Los Angeles Washington Prep and Fremont High that 16-year-old Angela Gettis collapsed and was pronounced dead three hours later at a local hospital.

Associated Press and others report that coaches and trainers halted the game to give aid to the cheerleader, starting CPR until Emergency Services was on the scene.

It was reported that Gettis had revived briefly after the collapse, but according to Tom Waldman, spokesman for the Los Angeles Unified School District, she never fully recovered, AP reports it seemed to be a case of sudden cardiac arrest.

Crisis counselors are being made available at Washington Prep today, as reported by KABC, while students, teachers, and staff are returning to school.

An autopsy is scheduled to find the reason behind the young girl’s death.

According to, Dr. Sharon Orrange states that Sudden Cardiac Death refers to the nontraumatic but unexpected sudden death that can occur from cardiac arrest, usually within 6 hours of a previously normal state of health.  Orrange went on to state that although it is unknown the exact incidence rate, “it is estimated to be 1 in 200,000 in high school athletes and 1 in 65,000 in collegiate athletes in the United States.”

Angela Gettis died after collapsing at a high school footall game on Friday. ABC7