Celeb haircuts signal the end of Justin Bieber

Two of our country’s most beloved celebrities have spat in the face of “the Biebs” by chopping their bowl cuts.

The New England Patriots suffered a massive blow last Sunday in their loss to the Buffalo Bills, but even more concerning is the breaking news that Tom Brady has finally cut his “I’m so good looking that I don’t need to shower” hair. The cut came only days after the loss in which Brady threw four interceptions for the first time since the 2006 season. The trendy quarterback has spent over a year growing out the toffee locks, and has often blamed his wife for not allowing him to get a trim.

While Bieber hair is something that many oppose almost as strongly as men in skinny jeans, even the most rugged of guys would be inclined grow a mullet at the request of Giselle Bundchen.  As most are well aware, Tom Brady is more than just a football player; he is a trend setter. This has never been more obvious than with the popular footwear brand “UGG”, for which Brady signed an endorsement deal, back in 2010. An influx of American men wearing UGG boots is as likely as Steve Bartman attending another Chicago Cubs game. Either is possible, but both would most likely result in a beat down.

While the UGGS may never escalate into a trend, the cutting of the hair has already become contagious nationwide. It was reported on Tuesday that Actor Tom Cruise has caught the bug, and chopped the shoulder length hair that he has sported on and off for years in such movies as Born on the Fourth of July, The Last Samurai, Vanilla Sky, and Mission Impossible III. This is obviously a calculated move by Cruise, who is rarely caught out of control (just ask Katie Holmes), or jumping on people’s furniture.

It would seem that both Brady and Cruise have in fact lost their “Bieber fever”, and it is only a matter of time before the pop singer is forced to follow suit, and chop off the bowl cut. If this does transpire, it means that Biebs has finally hit puberty, or that Tom Brady is, in fact, a true trend setter. If the latter is the case, strongly consider purchasing stock in the UGG Australia Fashion Company.