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Report: 10% of parents follow their own vaccination schedule

Parents still refusing vaccinations for their children in spite of mounting evidence disproving the autism/vaccination link. Photo via Flickr Commons.

Current studies are showing that 10% of parents in the United States do their own thing when it comes to following the Centers of Disease Control vaccination schedule recommendation. The study also shows that parents who adhere to the CDC’s vaccination schedule are leaning towards altering that schedule on their own or can be easily influenced to either refuse or delay immunizations.

The altering of the CDC vaccination schedule has brought about health consequences. According to HealthDay, one study showed that for every 1% of folks who refuse to immunize their babies and toddlers or significantly alter their vaccination schedule, they double their child’s risk of whooping cough (Pertussis) which can be fatal in infants.

Fears of autism have been cited as the number one concern among parents when considering vaccinations. Although the autism/vaccination link has yet to find credible studies substantiating the claim, parents are opting to wait until their children are beyond the Autism age window, further consenting to vaccinations around 4 years of age.

The decision to opt out or delay immunizations also reflects parents distrust of the government and government information. The Institute of Medicine has recently determined vaccines to generally safe, with reactions occurring rarely, yet parents dismiss the studies and evidence and question their credibility.