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Toddler in stable condition after scalding himself with pot of coffee

Toddler knocks coffee pot off counter, suffers 2nd degree burns

A pot of coffee is pulled off counter by toddler, burning 1/3 of his body. Photo via Flickr Commons.

A 13 month old Florida boy was reported by his mother to have pulled a newly made, full pot of coffee onto himself, resulting in multiple 2nd degree burns. Fire Rescue crews in Marion County, FL were sent to the home after the boy’s mother called 911. The toddler suffered burns to 20 – 30% of his body including his face and chest. The toddler was medevaced to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

According to pediatric expert Dr. Sears, second degree burns usually causes blistering to the skin is the most painful type of burn. However, this type of burn can completely heal without leaving scars if the right treatment is administered.

According to Kids Health, the number one burn danger to kids is hot coffee cups or pots. Parents are advised to keep hot liquids far away from children’s reach.