Florida: Woman arrested after allegedly beating up pregnant woman

Michelle St. Clair, 24, accused of punching pregnant woman in the stomach and trying to escape arrest. Photo via Organe County Sherrif's Office.

A woman in Pine Hills, Florida was arrested after she allegedly punched a pregnant woman in the stomach over an argument about a cell phone. The pregnant victim also suffered numerous other injuries believed to be caused by Michelle St. Clair, 24, whom witnesses report had been drinking all day.

St. Clair was a combative arrestee according to police and resisted arrest all while screaming obscenities. She claimed she never hit the pregnant woman and threatened to escape the police vehicle. The determined St. Clair was able to get our of her handcuffs and break the squad car’s window with her fist before crawling out the window and trying to escape. The patrolman then called for backup and St. Clair was placed under arrest again, adding to her long list of charges — ‘criminal mischief and attempting escape during transport’.