Celebrity moms tweet about sending their kids back to school

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Celebrity moms have taken Twitter by storm, tweeting about their little ones, or not so little ones, starting and returning to school. The sentiments among them seem to be mixed and bittersweet- some expressing sadness and others excitement over the new prospects their children face.

Model, actress, and Dancing With the Stars icon, Brooke Burke, tweeted β€œI drive all the way to school to see my big girls off, 1st day. & they were too embarrassed to hang! Aaah The joys of motherhood πŸ™ .” (@brookeburke)

Melissa Joan Hart shared her experience with fans, β€œIt was so exciting dropping him off at his locker but I tear’d up after I left. I need a hug!” (@MellyJHart) Β 

Super-mom, Maria Shriver, reported β€œMy daughter, Christina, is now back at @Georgetown. First day of classes as a junior. So proud of her and miss her so much already.” (@mariashriver)

Some celebrities, including Jenny McCarthy, even offered up some advice: β€œGet as much help in school as possible for your child and wash their hands a lot! #schoolgerms. Xxoo.” (@JennyMcCarthy)

One thing is for sure, Twitter has narrowed the imaginary gap between celebrity and the average Joe. Their tweets reveal just how like us they really are.


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