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Minnesota toddler on life support will likely die after extensive abuse

3 yr. old boy on life support will likely die from alleged abuse at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend

Anthony Urban, 24 and Elizabeth (Beth) Moorman, 40 are accused of inflicting the injuries to a toddler that will likely kill him. Photo via Anoka County Sheriff's Office.

A 3 yr. old boy is not expected to survive after he was brought into a Minnesota hospital with severe injuries resulting from abuse by his mother, Elizabeth Moorman, 40, and her boyfriend, Anthony Urban, 24. Moorman and Urban admitted to police that Urban had struck the boy. The admission came after the couple offered up several conflicting stories to police about why the boy was injured. The child abuse victim was airlifted from Mercy Hospital to a trauma center after triage found that he had bruises all over his body, punctured lungs and severe head trauma. The tot has been placed on a respirator but will likely succumb to his injuries. Medical personnel are working tirelessly to try to reduce the swelling on this brain reporting the injuries to be consistent with severe child abuse.

According to the Pioneer Press, Moorman’s boyfriend, Anthony Urban, told police that he punched the toddler in the side of the head, causing him to fall on the floor and hit his head again after he claiming the boy bit him. The boy’s mother did not want to call the police or allegedly seek medical help because she had several open warrants for her arrest. Both Moorman and Urban have a checkered past with various drug charges on record.

While Moorman and Urban have been arrested, Moorman currently stands to serve a mere 5 years or less if convicted on current charges, while Urban stands to serve up to 20 years if convicted. Further charges may arise if and when the child dies.