Police shut down 12-year-old boy's smoothie stand

Massachusetts State Police shut down kid's drink stand

According to Forbes, the Massachusetts State Police has been added to the long list of police agencies to shut down lemonade stands for not having the proper permits. In this case, Christopher Carr’s 12-year-old stepson was selling green tea and smoothies at the end of his street. Carr helped set up the stand and then went inside their home to have lunch. When he returned, everything had been put away and his stepson was sitting next to the cooler.

Carr discovered that the local town police had actually stopped by earlier to say “good luck”, but that the state police arrived on scene shortly after that to shut down the stand. The state police informed the boy that selling drinks required a permit, and since he was unable to produce the proper permits he would have to immediately stop the sales.

Carr made several attempts to contact the state police, but was only able to reach answering machines. Police forces across the country have been cracking down on kids trying to circumvent permit laws by setting up illegal beverage sale operations.

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