Indiana teenager arrested for raping homeless woman

16 year old accused of raping homeless woman at gun point

Teen rapist caught on tape in Gary, Indiana. Youth will be tried as adult in conjunction with rape of homeless woman. Screen shot via WGN.

A Gary, Indiana teenager was caught and charged with several counts of rape, robbery and deviant behavior after he raped a 68 year old homeless woman in a train station in Gary. The disturbing assault happened at around midnight, early last week, in a desolute train station. Police reports indicate the homeless woman went into the train station to escape the rain when a 16 yr. old male rode his back in after her, raping her at gun point.

According to WGN News, transit police reviewed security video tape from the scene and recognized the suspect right. One policeman said he had arrested him for breaking into a car only a day after the incident occurred. Due to the nature of the assault and the teen’s age, he teenager will tried adult court and faces several felony charges. Police report that the teen admitted to the charges and raping the woman.